Chiropractiv techniques

Chiropractic Techniques

Question: Dear Dr. Harvey,
I have been to a number of different chiropractors over the years. I have noticed that they all have very different approaches in regard to their diagnosis and treatments. Could you tell me what approach you use and what some of the differences are?

There are a number of different approaches to chiropractic. We refer to them as chiropractic techniques. A technique is a combination of different adjustments, x-ray analysis, case management and philosophies. Some chiropractors adjust by hand only, while some use instruments. Most take x-rays and analyze them, some do not. Commonly, chiropractors use a combination of adjusting with some form of therapy such as heat or cold, massage, ultrasound, etc. Some only adjust. Many chiropractors are heavily involved in nutrition, exercise, and education.

Whatever the technique may be, it may not work for all people. A very important point here is that if you have tried chiropractic and did not get the results you were looking for, TRY ANOTHER CHIROPRACTOR!

Chiropractic works - it is not a belief. Some people have tried one chiropractor and did not get the results they wanted and gave up on chiropractic. However, if you go to a dentist and don't get good results, you simply find another dentist - you don't give up on dentistry.

In our clinic, all the chiropractors use the Gonstead technique. Gonstead is a very specific technique of finding and correcting the subluxation. We do a complete exam and x-rays on all our patients (except infants and pregnant women). We then do a complete analysis of the x-rays and present all this to the patient in a report of findings. We also do a great deal of patient education.

We adjust the full spine and extremities specifically by hand only. One of the main differences between Gonstead and other techniques is that we always adjust the neck while the patient is seated, not lying down. We find this to be a better approach.
Gonstead is also a very complex system of addressing the case management of the patient. Gonstead doctors from all over the world get together on a regular basis to discuss difficult case and treatment approaches.

In our office we also have acupuncture, massage therapy, oriental medicine and herbology. If you would like to experience the Gonstead technique, please contact our clinic. You will be glad you did.

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