Medical vs. Chiropractic Philosophy

Question: Dear Dr. Harvey,
It is rather apparent to me that there exists a great deal of misunderstanding between Chiropractors and the Medical community as a whole. As a Chiropractor, why do you feel your profession has received the treatment it has? In other words, what is the Chiropractic side of the story?

Answer: I am glad this question was asked. There is rarely a day that goes by that I do not have to clear up a myth about Chiropractic. There is a great deal of misunderstanding in the general public as to what Chiropractic is and what it is not.
Chiropractic began in 1895. Since then, it has become the largest non-medical healing art in the United States. It is recognized in all 50 states. Chiropractic is presently experiencing tremendous growth. There are approximately 60,000 chiropractors in the U.S., with thousands more currently enrolled in chiropractic colleges. The Chiropractic philosophy of health care is very different than most Medical Doctors. Chiropractors use no drugs or surgery. With most Medical Doctors drugs and surgery are the standards of care. This is the grounds for the conflict.

So with Chiropractic enjoying such growth and acceptance with our patients, where is all the negativity coming from? Frankly, the majority comes from the AMA itself!

In 1964, the AMA formed a secret committee to destroy the Chiropractic profession. It was called the Committee on Quackery. It has been revealed that this committee hired writers to write anti-Chiropractic articles and books to smear the Chiropractic profession. In 1976, five Chiropractors filed suit in federal court, charging the AMA with unlawful restraint of trade practices. This was followed by years in court and various other lawsuits. In 1987, the AMA was found to be guilty of leading a conspiracy to destroy the Chiropractic profession.

On what grounds was the AMA basing its attack on the Chiropractic profession? Not much! The New Zealand government conducted the largest single inquiry into this question. The 377-page New Zealand report states, "No serious research in Chiropractic has been undertaken by the Medical profession." The reason for the Medical prejudice is not based on science, but on politics.

Let me now state that the purpose of this article is not to develop any more bad blood between the two professions. In fact quite the opposite is true. The purpose of this article and others on this web site as a whole is to educate the general public and the Medical community as to what chiropractic is. I would like to extend an open invitation to anyone (especially those in the Medical community) to contact my clinic if they would like to learn more about what Chiropractic is. If you have a question, go to the Ask Dr. Harvey link and send me a question. I will answer it personally.

It is also important to know that I have a good working relationship with the medical community. I refer out on a regular basis and often collaborate with MDs when a case falls out of my scope of practice. We also are fortunate to have a large number of nurses under regular care. We even have MDs as patients.

As our health care system goes through the many changes ahead, there is one thing that you will be able to count on: the emphasis on prevention and maintenance, along with lower cost and conservative care, will be standard. These have always been Chiropractic principles, and will continue to be in an ever-changing health care system.

If I may be of any further assistance or answer any other questions, please contact me personally at my clinic.

©2009 Dr. Harvey


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