Your First Visit

Health History
Chiropractic is probably best known for its great success in treating back and neck pain. However, the scope of Chiropractic extends far beyond these complaints. Therefore we want to know about all the conditions or symptoms that you currently have.

The slightest misalignment of your spine may put pressure on your nerves, which may contribute to the creation of a symptom or condition. Chiropractic is very effective in the treatment of headaches, whiplash, carpal tunnel syndrome, numbness, chronic pain and the effects of stress to name just a few.
Therefore on your first visit, you will be asked to fill out a health history to help us better understand the nature of your condition.

Prior to the consultation the doctor will review your case history. During the consultation the Doctor will ask you a number of questions regarding the history of your condition, other Doctors you may have seen and you current symptoms.

It is important during the consolation that the Doctor gets a thorough understanding of your condition. It is also important to understand what health care goals the patient has regarding their care. Do you simply want symptom relief? Do you want reconstructive care to improve the spine as much as possible and stabilize it? Or do you want to improve your spine and health as much as possible? This is in order to PREVENT problems from happening in the future.

We will also ask if you want help with your diet, vitamin and exercise programs. Once we know what your needs are we can then proceed to the next step.

During the examination the Doctor will assess not only the causes of your complaints, but the condition of your spine and health in general. My intention is to treat your body as a whole, not just as a symptom. During this process we often discover under laying problems that have not yet shown up as symptoms.

Some of the test may be familiar to you such as checking your reflexes and ranges of motion. Other tests are specific to Chiropractic. None of the test involves any discomfort to the patient.

Our x-ray equipment is designed to keep your exposure to a minimum. We never x-ray more than the minimum necessary to evaluate your condition.

Many Chiropractors do not use x-rays. However I prefer to see an x-ray on many of my patients (with the exception of pregnant women or very young children.

X-rays are such useful diagnostic tools in the treatment of patients. Since we use a very specific technique known as the GONSTEAD TECHNIQUE ((use link here)) it is very important to have this information so that we give you the best results. We actually measure the misalignments of your spine down to a millimeter. Many times we will find a problem that the patient was not even aware of.

Please remember to see is to know, while not to see is to guess. We will not guess about your health.

Report of Findings
Once we develop and do an analysis of your x-rays we will review all of the information regarding your case. We will then determine the best treatment plan to match your health care goals.

We will then go over your x-rays and exam findings in detail to explain the CAUSE of your problem. We will also review your health in general and the current condition of your entire spine. We will then discuss the steps necessary to correct your condition and reach your health care goals.

We will explain to you the proposed treatment schedule and explain the reasons behind our approach to treating your condition. We will also discuss your other health care goals and show you how we can help you achieve them.

Chiropractic adjustment is the method with which we realign the vertebra of the spine, thereby relieving the pressure on the nervous system and begin restoring normal nerve function. I adjust almost all of our new patients on their first visit allowing the healing process to begin immediately.

In over 25 years of experience I have treated thousands of patients of all ages and conditions. I have literally given millions of adjustments over the years. With this amount of experience I am confident that I will be able to provide you and your family with the best that Chiropractic has to offer.

The adjustment is what counts and I have the experience to get you the results that you are looking for.

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